3 W’s Philosophy


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3 W’s:

The Waterdown way of life is seeded upon an inclusive lifestyle where sharing interests, experiences, and letting natural talent to flourish is encouraged. We believe that the key to better health and well-being starts with an environment full of positive energy which feeds the spirit.
Hence our “3 W’s Philosophy” was born.


Being a ‘people first’ environment, Waterdown Manor’s mission is to make each day better than the last for our community. With our top tier activity and wellness services, we are confident that we can provide you with a Wonderful life!


Imagine living in a place where you had all the freedom you could ask for in the comfort and safety of your own home. At Waterdown, we really do become your home. You can wake up every morning and enjoy breakfast with your friends and participate in social events, and all of your daily needs are completely looked after. We offer you a Welcoming environment to do more and live more.


We want to make affordable living great! We’re not fans of charging extra for additional frills and other bells and whistles you don’t care about. Why drive up the cost just to ‘appear’ impressive? We’re about people first and foremost – people who care and simply want to make each day better than the last and to make your stay with us Worthwhile.
We have all the amenities and services you will ever need, but we believe a great home is built with more than just fancy things – it’s built with great people who share a passion for Making Affordable Living Great!