Apartment style living for Seniors with added Care Services and at Affordable Rates.

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Need a short term stay or trial stay?

We offer short term stays related to: 

VACATION OR TRIAL STAY: You are looking for a place to stay while family is on vacation or away for a period of time. Maybe you are thinking of moving into a retirement home but want to take the idea for a test drive first.  

CONVALESCENCE: You are looking for a post-illness or hospital discharge recuperation stay

RESPITE: You are looking for a temporary, secure place to stay for a short period of time. 

POST OPERATIVE: You are looking for post-operation assistance while you recover from the hospital procedure. 

All short term stays include a fully furnished room that is private or semi-private. You choose. 3 meals per day and snacks, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, plus participation in social activities. We have 24 hour staff and other services as required by the resident. 

Pricing starts at $90 per day for private and $75 per day for semi-private. Price may vary somewhat depending on level of care services required. Stays must be a minimum of 1 week. Cable service can be provided only if stay is at least 3 weeks otherwise you can arrange for cable service through Cogeco.